Collection: Boston University Graduate Workers Union (Rank and File)

The BU Graduate Workers Union (CURRENTLY ON STRIKE AS OF MARCH 25, 2024) represents every graduate-level worker in teaching, research, and other work at Boston University! 

We couldn't be prouder to publicly represent our united rank-and-file membership; and to organize together for higher wages, better benefits, childcare stipends, more worker power on the shop floor, disability+access rights, transgender healthcare in compliance with WPATH standards, and a better BU. 
We have built a hardship & support fund controlled by the rank-and-file workers ( ) that we're trying hard to raise money for, to support workers who suffer from retaliation and pay withholding. This is because the Boston University admins have announced a "punish-the-graduate-workers" plan where they are recruiting both faculty and undergraduate students to report striking workers and cut their pay to $0 dollars/week. 

Please buy our cool merch (thanks to Maria Y. for drawing these great logos by the way!), grab some union swag, and demonstrate your public support for the labor movement! $10 from every purchase will go to support our vulnerable workers.