Collection: Hire Survivors Hollywood

Show your support for Hire Survivors Hollywood™ as we continue our work to get survivors of sexual violence hired, put an end to career retaliation, and create safe and equitable work environments for all!

This is the official website for Hire Survivors Hollywood™ merch like our cozy T-Shirts and timeless adjustable baseball caps. Plus, all the HSH swag is USA made, union printed, and size inclusive - showing our commitment to ethical, equitable, safe workplace practices! A $10 donation from each item goes to Hire Survivors Hollywood™ via our Fiscal Sponsor RevComm Foundation, which will help continue our tangible, revolutionary work that transforms the entertainment industry for the better.

Let the world know you support survivors and look real cute while you do it! Survivors of sexual violence in the entertainment industry deserve to work. Let's hire them. No more career retaliation. No more stolen dreams. #HireSurvivorsHollywood