Collection: North American Marine Alliance

NAMA is a fishermen*-led organization fighting against the corporate takeover of the ocean and our seafood system. We’re building a broad movement toward healthy fisheries and fishing communities and a future that champions the social, environmental, economic, and food justice benefits of small and medium-scale, community-based fishermen.

We build trusting relationships to revitalize fishing communities, protect our ocean, ensure food sovereignty, and strengthen our cross-sector movement. Our commitment to working intersectionally since inception is unique within ocean and marine conservation spaces. We are the only national and fishermen-led organization focused on centering racial equity within fisheries and the seafood system. 

*Fishermen is an inclusive and gender-neutral term for us, and the one used most commonly among women and non-binary people who fish in our network. It’s meant to refer to those who might also use the terms fish harvesters, fisherwomen, fishermisses, fishers, and intertidal gatherers, as well as those practicing restorative aquaculture on a sustainable scale.